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What is the best anticorrosion technology of metal coating

February 22,   2019 -   30

The application of metal coating technology in industrial production activities should not need us to say more. What are the advantages of metal coating? This is curious for many people. Let's elaborate on the use of chromium free metal for you. I hope our introduction will help you!

Anticorrosion technology of chromium free metal:

1. Hydrogen free embrittlement: the metal treatment process determines that there is no hydrogen embrittlement in the metal, so the metal is very suitable for the coating of stressed parts.

2. High heat resistance: the metal can resist high temperature corrosion and heat resistance temperature can reach above 300 ℃. When the traditional galvanizing process temperature reaches 100 ℃, it has been peeled and scrapped.

3. Good adhesion and recoating performance: the metal coating has good adhesion with the metal matrix and strong adhesion with other additional coatings. The treated parts are easy to be painted and the adhesion with organic coating is even greater than that of phosphating film.

4. Good permeability: due to the electrostatic shielding effect, the deep hole of the workpiece, the inner wall of the slit pipe fittings, etc., it is difficult to electroplate zinc on the parts, so the above parts of the workpiece cannot be protected by electroplate.

5. No pollution and public nuisance: during the whole process of metal production and processing and workpiece coating, there will be no waste water and waste gas polluting the environment, and the treatment cost will be reduced without three wastes treatment.