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Build into an influential enterprise in zinc flake coating industry

DELTA-MKS micro-coating anti-corrosion system, which from Germany DORKEN MKS company, provides the industry with a best choice in anti-rust, friction coefficient stability and chemical corrosion. The product series includes non-electrolytic zinc sheet bottom coatings, inorganic surface coatings, organic surface coatings and multifunctional surface coatings on the surface of electroplated base. Primer coatings are the basis of anti-corrosion which provide cathodic protection. Top coatings enhance the effect of primer coatings, improve the chemical and mechanical corrosion resistance of the whole system, and make the system more effective,good corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, durability and versatility. DelTA-MKS's excellent performance has been recognized by Mercedes-Benz, BMW, GM, Volkswagen, Ford and other automobile manufacturers worldwide.