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Why is MJ coating environmentally friendly

February 26,   2019 -   16

Magni coating is a two-layer coating system without chromium, which combines inorganic zinc rich bottom layer with organic aluminum rich outer layer. The bottom layer provides cathodic protection for the steel matrix, while the outer layer contains lubricants, pigmented polymer resin (resin), and other components to provide the characteristics of sliding, acid and alkali resistance, aesthetics, and establish a lasting protective barrier. The corrosion resistance of the applied force is equivalent to that of hot-dip galvanizing, but the weight of the components is greatly reduced. Compared with hot-dip galvanizing, the coating system is lighter and can be used as an independent system, and also as the base of other protective outer layers. In Asia, Toyota, hodanissan, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi companies have adopted the Mecca non chromium coating process to carry out anti-corrosion treatment for automotive standard parts. It has been proved that the coatings and coating process can meet the special needs of automobile and other high anti-corrosion requirements, and can extend the service life of products in the worst environment. And the coating process of our company is of high quality and low price.

Product performance

1. Meet environmental protection requirements

It does not contain toxic elements such as hexavalent chromium (Cr6 +, heavy metals (CD, Pb), etc., with low VOC and various water-soluble and heavy-duty anti-corrosion systems.

2. Lubrication function

Magni coating provides friction coefficient to meet the needs of customers for automatic processing. It is suitable for standard parts and safety belt buckles in automobile industry.

3. Oil and solvent resistance

Used in automobile oil tank, brake oil pipe, etc. Resistance to collision, scratch and abrasion.

4. heavy anticorrosion

The afterburner coating system provides anti-corrosion function through the wheel and oil tank B protection coated by bimetal corrosion protection.

5. acid and alkali resistance

Special acid and alkali resistant anticorrosion system can provide 15-35 cycle acid rain test. It is suitable for heavy anti-corrosion parts such as auto parts and roof.

6. Water soluble heavy-duty anti-corrosion system, meeting the requirements of environmental protection coating.

7. The low film thickness coating is 8-15 μ m thick with large coating area and economy.

8. No hydrogen embrittlement.

9. Energy conservation

The ripening temperature is 180-250 ℃, which is lower than 300-330 ℃ and the ripening time is 15-20 points faster than 30-35 points.

10. Good winding

The coating has good flexibility and is suitable for pressing after coating.