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What is the purpose of zinc aluminum coating process

February 22,   2019 -   7

In many basic accessory surfaces, we will add an additional layer of coating, not only for aesthetic decoration effect, but also to protect accessories. After long-term use in the later stage, it will not rust or damage, so how to choose the coating? Or what is the difference and contrast between different layers? Today, we will give you an example of a widely used zinc aluminum coating, which is used on the new metal surface to play a role in anti-corrosion. Through early brush coating or spraying and later baking processing operations, we can attach the zinc aluminum coating materials perfectly on the surface of accessories. Next, let's learn about the zinc aluminum coating with the editor.

Zinc aluminum coating process in order to achieve the purpose of coating, we should not only consider the use and performance of the coating itself, but also consider the coating construction process, because the performance and role of the coating are reflected by the coating, each coating and coating process has its own characteristics and scope of application, matching properly or not directly affects the coating quality, different coatings should choose different coating. Technology. The coating process of zinc aluminum coating is as follows:

Hanging up > degreasing > spraying > cleaning > ultrasonic cleaning > drying > automatic spraying > curing > cooling > hanging down

After pre-treatment, the workpiece enters the spraying station, and the spray gun is installed on the adjustment frame in the closed spraying room. According to different workpiece, the position of the spray gun can be adjusted. In order to spray evenly, the ground conveying system is adopted, and the workpiece is installed on the tray. Driven by the driving devices on both sides, the spray gun starts to rotate automatically in the moving process. When entering the effective position of the spray gun, the spray gun will automatically open and start spraying. When a certain thickness is reached, the spray gun stops spraying. The workpiece continues to move to the next curing process.

Curing for better curing, the coating needs to be preheated before curing, including preheating chamber and curing chamber. The preheating chamber is set in the inlet section of the workpiece, and the rated temperature of the preheating area. , the curing chamber is directly connected with the preheating chamber, and the rated temperature of the curing zone '.

Cool down before hanging. It is generally used to hang at room temperature in the air-cooled zone.

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